We had a blast developing the branding visuals for our friends at Nature's Thirst Trap. Founded in 2017, The struggle of living in a food desert inspired the process of starting a juice bar in Compton, Los Angeles. We utilized tropical island vibes, a healthy dose of playfulness, and a deliciously vibrant color palette to visualize the brand. NTT's mission is to bring healthier food options to urban communities through raw juices and a whole lot of love. Check them out at: nttjuice.com or on IG @naturesthirsttrap

Directed by Toast
Creative Direction: Chris Guyot
Design: Travis Ragsdale, Emanuele Marani, Wes Cockx, Chris Guyot
Animation: Travis Ragsdale, Emanuele Marani, Wes Cockx, Chris Guyot
Executive Producer: Tyler Guyot
Sound Design & Music: John Poon

Design Stills

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